John Deere American Farmer Deluxe





This patch also requires the newest version of DirectX 9.0c.


The version must be downloaded from the Micrsoft DirectX Website.


Get DirectX Here.


Issues adressed in this patch:


    * Market Screen now allows you to Sell. * Fixed a text error. * Fixed an issue preventing the game from unlocking the next scenario after completion. * "The New Life" scenario now properly reads how much money you have. * Fixed crash when auto-picking hobby items without a roadside stand. * Large implements now properly plow with their full width. * Storing equipment now works properly. * Custom maps load correctly. * The game no longer subtracts money for tires every time a saved game is loaded. * Changing resolutions no longer results in crash to desktop. * Numerous other minor bugs fixed.




I'm getting an error saying that this is not a valid Win32 application. How do I fix this?


    Some newer computers, particularly Dell computers, are having difficulty installing our John Deere games from the game disc. We have a workaround for this.


    First, if you have more than one CD/DVD drive, try the game disc in both drives. It is possible it will work in one drive and not the other. If this does not work, please follow the directions below.


      1. Please turn off any anti-virus software you may have running. This is normally done by going to the System Tray in the lower right hand corner of your screen, right-clicking on the program icon, and selecting "Disable" or "Exit." Once our game is installed you can turn the software back on again. 2. Open up "My Computer." You can find "My Computer" by clicking on the Start Menu in the lower left hand corner of your screen, and selecting "My Computer" 3. Look for the "Devices with Removable Storage" section and right-click on the drive that you placed your John Deere American Farmer or Builder Deluxe disc in. 4. Select "Copy" 5. Go to your Desktop and right-click on the wallpaper 6. Select Paste. This will bring up a Copy... window. 7. A folder will appear on your desktop when Copying is finished. 8. Open the new folder and run the Setup program. This will install your John Deere game. Please follow the On-Screen Directions to install the game. 9. After the game is installed, double-click on the the game icon that was installed on your desktop. 10. Make sure the game is installed and working. If the game is working properly you can drag the new folder that was created on your Desktop to the Recycle Bin.


    If this does not fix your problem please contact