Platform: Wii™
No. of players: 1-2 Players
Release Date: Available Now!
MSRP: $39.99
Genre: Arcade Flight Sim
ESRB Rating: Teen
Game Overview

Experience The Most Frenzied Acrobatic Dogfighting Ever!

Take to the skies and experience intense aerial combat WWII Aces for the Wii system. Featuring the most intuitive flight controls on the console yet, you will be painting kills on the nose of your plane in no time!

Fly for the Royal Air Force, Soviet Air Force, or Luftwaffe through multiple campaigns with a huge roster of mission types based on real events. Tackle missions alone or with a friend in co-op play, or show your challengers who rules the skies in competitive split-screen!

Key Features:

• Simple motion controls that will have you flying like an ace shortly after picking up the Wii Remote! Unleash complex maneuvers like barrel rolls with a simple flick, track your projectiles to their targets with Bomb and Missle Cam, and line up precision shots in slow motion “Reflex Time.”

• Fly for the Royal Air Force, the Soviet Air Force, or even the Luftwaffe. Experience over 70 missions, including patrols, strategic bombing, air support, paratrooper drops and more!

• Fly with a partner in any mission in split-screen co-op mode. Or go head-to-head in competitive split-screen multiplayer! Take to the skies, and show your friends what air superiority really means!

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