Summer Sports: Paradise Island
Platform: Wii™
No. of players: 1-4 Players Simultaneous
Release Date: March 2008
MSRP: $39.99
Genre: Sports
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Game Overview

Enjoy your stay!

Volleyball: A summertime favorite, play volleyball with up to 4 players in a beach setting. Serve, pass, set, spike and dig, all while using the Wii remote in it’s natural motions.

Basketball: Set in a street environment, players can shoot a round of hoops while playing Horse, Around the World, or Free Play where you can spend your time dropping buckets. Try some trick shots…it’s all the way the ball bounces.

Horseshoes: Picnic get rained out? No worries, load up the Wii and play this backyard favorite. Pick the number of players and point goal and start tossing those horseshoes.

Lawn Darts: Another classic come to the Wii. Played best with 4 players, toss your darts at the target. See how accurate you can be.

Badminton: A volley-based racquet game that’s great for those looking for a great way to spend an afternoon. The shuttlecock is hit back and forth similar to tennis…only not as intense.

Croquet: A pastime that has its origins in Europe, Croquet involves using a mallet to hit wooden balls through a series of wickets. The one who can navigate his ball through all the wickets first wins.

Miniature Golf: A favorite summer pastime that appeals to all ages. Navigate this 9-hole course filled with Pirate Ships, UFOs, Castles, Western Towns, a Tropical Paradise and more.

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Key Features:

• 8 Classic summer games

• Multiplayer fun for up to 4 players

• Realistic motions with your Wii remote

• Stylized look

• Multiple difficulty levels for single player mode

• Unique environments for each game

• Realistic physics

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