Platform: Nintendo DS™
No. of players: 1 Player
Release Date: June 2010
MSRP: $19.99
Genre: Pet Training Simulation
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Game Overview

Ride Into Adventure!

In Riding Academy 2, you step into the shoes of Pauline, a student at the nation’s top riding school. Spend your summer days caring for your horse, training with the best coaches, and filling your shelf with trophies from renowned tournaments! But something is amiss at the academy... And it’s up to you to investigate its recent string of problems, and get to the bottom of who’s responsible before it’s too late!

Key Features:

Exciting Story: Someone’s trying to sabotage the academy! Piece together the mystery as you travel on foot and on horseback throughout the campus and its surrounding area.

Care for Your Horse: If you want to do well in tournaments, make sure you horse is healthy and happy. Groom your horse each day, and be sure it gets plenty of food, water and exercise.

Riding Master: While at the academy, you’ll train and compete in Dressage, Western, and Jumping disciplines. Call or whistle to your horse with the microphone, issue commands with the Touch Screen, and praise your horse with the stylus.

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