Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse
Platform: Nintendo DS™
No. of players: 1 Player
Release Date: Summer 2010
MSRP: $19.99
Genre: Hidden Object
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Game Overview

Unravel the Mystery!

Enter the mysterious and magical world of Princess isabella: a Witch’s Curse, a hidden object game for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Solve puzzles, battle against unnatural beings, and rescue your family as you cleanse your castle of the witch’s evil curse. Defeat her sinister plans as you explore 135 scenes, and complete over 40 puzzles on your way to the final showdown with the witch herself!

Key Features:

Defeat the Witch: Take control of isabella as you make your way through the gauntlet of brain teasers and cursed rooms to battle the evil witch! Collect all of the clues necessary to save your family and restore the castle to its former glory.

Solve Puzzles: Enjoy 15 different mini-games and over 40 puzzle & hidden object games as you cleanse the castle of evil! Find hidden objects to gain access to new areas, battle ghosts to banish the curse, and gather clues to reveal details on your family’s disappearance.

Fairy Companion: With your trusted fairy companion at your side you are armed with an arsenal of special abilities! Have your fairy break items and reveal hidden objects, set fire to ghosts and vicious plant monsters, or use her tornado ability to blow away dust and reveal long forgotten secrets.

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